High Vibrational Eating

by May 3, 2018

Our bodies are just like a car and just as a car is run off petrol, our bodies are run off food and water. If we put low-quality petrol into a car, it doesn’t run very well or sometimes can’t run at all. Our bodies are exactly the same when it comes to food.

Not only does food fuel our bodies but it also creates the cells of our body – we are literally made out of what we eat. Herein lies an important question. What would you like to be made out of?

Different forms of food contain different amounts of prana (life force energy) within them. Food that is straight from the earth contains the most life force energy and nutrients within them which in turn provides our bodies with the most amount of energy and nutrients.

The more processed food is the less life force and nutrients it contains which in turn does not add much benefit to the body.

We want to be eating high vibrational foods, with loads of life force energy and nutrients in them so that our physical body can be as healthy and energised as possible, allowing us to live our fullest physical potential.

The food journey is also a very personal one with every person having a completely individual body type and daily activities and so require different things. It is a personal journey to try different things and become aware of what makes you feel good and what makes you feel bad.

Yoga is the practice of self-service, so we want to shift ourselves into a state of wanting to serve our bodies with only the highest and best so that we in turn can be the highest and best versions of ourselves.

Our body is the temple of our soul, keep it pure and whole.

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High Vibrational Eating


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